''The JM Group has been able to quickly focus on our needs,
building up a real appreciation of our technical and business
We have extensive experience of fulfilling contract requirements
for IT, Change and Digital roles.

Once requirements have been defined, we use a number of different techniques to identify suitable candidates. These include searching our continuously updated database of contractors and networking with our extensive contacts within the industry.

When candidates have been identified, we will look after interview arrangements and rate negotiation, as well as handling all after sales services such as references, and credit checks as required.

In everything we do we aim to be proactive rather than reactive and our service extends to cover more than the period for which we have a contractor working. We want our clients to have the best people available now and in the future.

To find out more about The JM Group's contract services, please
call Fiona Eddy on 020 7251 7353 or e-mail her at