Python Developer

Financial Services firm is hiring for a Python Developer for their team based in Edinburgh. This is an exciting opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and projects. They are looking to build upon the core machine learning infrastructure. Salary ranges from £45K - £70K.

Responsibilities include:
*Evaluate technologies to assist in managing machine learning pipelines and Big Data infrastructure.
*Engage with various teams to validate technology evaluations.
*Contribute to enhancements and optimisation of my client's machine learning models, feature extraction, and machine learning pipelines.
*Develop and implement Python scripts and tools for real-time analytics as part of their machine learning infrastructure.
*Explore new tools and technologies to improve current solutions being offered.
*Develop and enforce best practices regarding coding, testing and deployment.

You must have a Bachelors / Masters / PhD in Mathematics / Computer Science / Physics / Engineering)
Fluency in Python, Java, SQL, and Unix/bash scripting
Ability to write code in multiple programming languages

Technical Requirements:

*SQL Database expertise
*Big Data - Experience using Kafka /Dask / PySpark
*Docker, K8s, Ansible, Puppet, Bamboo
*GIT / Jira