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A Day in the Life of an IT Recruiter

Working with an IT recruiter can occasionally be frustrating for job applicants. After an initial flurry of interest, it isn’t unusual for a recruiter to go quiet or take days to get back to you. With jobs on the line, that’s the last thing you want! Worse, you have no idea what your recruiter does all day to justify these delays.

You may be pleased to know that the life of an IT recruiter is pretty hectic. Next time you’re tearing your hair out waiting to hear about your job application or interview feedback, it is worth bearing in mind how many tasks the average IT recruiter has to tackle each day.

Live job market updates

IT recruiters have to keep an eye out for the most attractive positions on the market as they arise. That can be pretty intensive, especially when sudden job openings appear with short time periods. To provide job seekers with the best chance at top positions, an IT recruiter has to check live job market updates at regular intervals. That’s time consuming!

Contacting reliable candidates

Once an IT recruiter has a position to fill, all stations are go to find the best possible candidate. This part of the process involves everything from confirming skill sets, gaining approval to pass on a job posting and waiting to hear back from the said applicant. If no appropriate candidates are available first-time round, it also falls on an IT recruiter to keep searching for potentially suitable candidates. Again, this can all take considerable time to ensure only the right candidates are matched to the job vacancy.

Relationship maintenance

Maintaining relationships with existing clients like you is the next step on the to-do list. What’s more, IT recruiters who deal in contracts or temporary placements are liable to have various existing clients to keep on top of, with each phone call potentially lasting up to 15-30 minutes or more. That’s another significant chunk of a recruiter’s day.

Everything else

In between these fundamental tasks, IT recruiters have to take care of everything else on their to-do list. That includes time slips, schedules, networking and general queries. In fact, around 50% of a recruiter’s day comes down to unplanned tasks like these and they have to find time as necessary. Working with an IT recruiter is an excellent way to secure new contracts, but make no mistake about it; there are never enough hours in the day for these guys. Hard as it may seem patience is vital in a relationship like this. It may not happen as soon as you hope, but you can bet your IT recruiter will put you in touch with the best possible employers in the end. Based in London the JM Group is a leading IT Recruitment agency offering IT and Business Transformation professionals to a select group of clients.

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